Why HDPE ?

HDPE boats has rigid construction made of high density extruded polyethylene (HDPE) material. That construction is built up by special welding processes of HDPE 100 pipes and plates which are added carbon black (UV protector).
High impact strength and elasticity of material let us have strong, no maintenance required, high load capacity and high speed boat which can be used for multi-purpose applications.
HPDE (high density polyetylene) is a firm and strong substance deviated from petrol. Unlike other polyetylenes, HDPE is heavy and firm. Approximately, 1.75 kg petrol is used to produce 1 kg HDPE raw material. HDPE is lighter then water and together with its durablitiy it becomes a preffered material for marine purposes.
These strength and elasticity characteristics of material were taken into consideration while designing and preparing projects and by means of that life of the boat optimized. It was tested for every bad weather and sea conditions and observed that floating capability and stability on water is suitable for any condition. Boats are designed for various purposes.
The advantages of HDPE in the boat manufacturing are;